Industries &

Xiquel Group has played a role directly or through partnerships to the following clients in various industries:

Financial Services

Fintech has revolutionized various aspects of the financial industry, automating processes in investments, insurance, trading, banking services, and risk management.

Retail & Other

Retail technology encompasses the digital tools and innovations employed by both physical retailers and e-commerce platforms in their in-store and supply chain operations.

Government / SOE

In today’s era of government technology, citizen demands and the necessity to streamline basic tasks compel authorities to explore data management and cloud storage solutions.


Enabling our nation with the power of technology. This includes revolutionizing the provision of Government Digital Services and constructing the foundation for a Smart Nation Infrastructure.

Information Technology

The Information Technology industry is a constantly evolving field, brimming with fresh technologies, tools, software frameworks, and groundbreaking concepts.

Warehouse / Distribution

Modern warehouse technology stands at the forefront of innovation, incorporating a suite of advanced systems. These cutting-edge solutions not only facilitate efficient and accurate data exchange but also revolutionize the entire logistics landscape.

Strategic Partnership

Technology partnerships are strategic collaborations forged with the express purpose of seamlessly integrating diverse technological systems. These synergies are carefully engineered to catalyze progress and drive a business towards greater heights.

Cash Management

Effective cash and liquidity management empowers companies to operate with efficiency, providing a clear understanding and strategic planning of their cash inflows and outflows.

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